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Some personal injury and wrongful death cases should not be settled out of court. That’s where the law firm of BRUNO│NALU comes in. Trial work is our cohesive legal team’s core strength and passion. When injured people must confront insurance companies with their armies of lawyers and unlimited resources, they turn to BRUNO│NALU. When other accomplished lawyers are unable to settle a righteous case and a trial date is looming, they turn to BRUNO│NALU.

Personal Injury

The fight ahead is about more than money.

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Upholding your Civil Rights, one case at a time.
Personal Injury

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When a person’s life is derailed by a serious injury in an accident due to another individual’s or a company’s negligence, the amount of compensation he or she receives is critical. Victims often face a long, costly recovery or life with a permanent disability. This is a fight for justice and the ability of innocent people to move forward.

Car Accidents

Hundreds of injury-causing car accidents occur in California every single day, as a result of severe driving mistakes...

Slip & Fall

People who have never been seriously injured in a fall do not realize how serious such injuries often are...

Wrongful Death

In the aftermath of fatal accidents caused by others’ negligence, those left behind face overwhelming challenges...

Birth Injury

Little causes more pain for parents than losing an expected child or learning of a newborn's permanent injuries.

Product Liability

Year after year, many products that pose unacceptably serious safety risks hit the United States market...

Dog Bites

Aside from dog attacks that are especially horrific or fatal for a child or other victim, dog bites do not often make the news.
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In courtrooms throughout California and across the nation, attorney Keith Bruno has argued a vast spectrum of complex cases, building a unique and impressive track record of successful outcomes. Managing attorney Angela Bruno is a master negotiator and analyst who maintains a decidedly client-centered approach.


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At BRUNO│NALU, we limit our caseload and drive relentlessly to win, leaving no angle unpursued. Our skills and experience equip us exceptionally well to assert the rights of victims in all personal injury cases, including those arising from motor vehicle accidents, falls on dangerous property, the use of defective products and much more.

If you are an attorney or an accident victim seeking respected, highly effective trial counsel for a high-stakes personal injury or fatality case, we encourage you to take a closer look at our credentials and the mission of our firm – and contact us now and schedule a consultation.

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