Chris Barnes is a graduate of Chapman University’s Dale E. Fowler School of Law, Class of 2016 where he graduated in the top 25% of his class and earned a certificate in Advocacy and Dispute Resolution (ADR). He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Legal Studies from Ithaca College in Upstate New York, where he is a native.  Chris is now a licensed California attorney.

From undergraduate to law school, Chris has excelled academically and has used his strength to help others.  During his time at Ithaca, Chris was a teaching assistant for the introductory mock trial course for two years, where he assisted young legal studies students in preparing mock trial and moot court style performances. Chris carried his passion for the law to Chapman, where he served as an academic fellow for the legal research and writing course for three semesters, after earning top grades in the course of his 1L year. He additionally served as an academic fellow for the corporations course.

Chris has been with BRUNO | NALU for over a year, serving as an intern while also maintaining a full caseload. He is the very first student intern to work his way up to become a fully licensed and practicing attorney for BRUNO | NALU.

Chris has been groomed to be a trial lawyer at BRUNO | NALU. He has been indoctrinated quickly and is making a name for himself both in and out of the courtroom.  His development in oral and written advocacy is impressive and one to be watched.  In addition, Chris works with the clients from the beginning of the case and is often their primary point of contact.  His strength in connecting with clients and learning their story is unparalleled. Chris’ ability to understand the case from both a human – and legal – perspective has made him invaluable.

We have genuine pride in having Chris on the Trial Lawyer team at BRUNO | NALU.