At BRUNO│NALU, we litigate DUI defense as a major part of our criminal defense practice. Many people throughout Southern California have trusted Mr. Bruno to effectively litigate their DUI charges. In this regard, Mr. Bruno has developed considerable experience and an impressive track record of successfully defending a DUI charge.

Mr. Bruno values continuing legal education to stay at the cutting edge of DUI defense. Mr. Bruno is a member of the California DUI Defense Lawyers Association (CDLA), in good standing, as well as the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL). Additionally, he regularly attends the premier DUI defense seminars in California. In addition to this, Mr. Bruno has developed unique strategies specifically designed to defeat the government when it accuses a citizen of DUI — the most political crime charged in the state courts today.

Newport Beach Drunk Driving Defense Attorney

Drunk driving laws are strict and are constantly evolving. It is wise to trust an attorney who stays on the cutting edge of new technology and current legislation. We will begin building your defense by asking several questions, including:

  • Was the initial stop valid?
  • Did the officer correctly administer a breath test?
  • Was the breath test machine in proper working order?
  • Was a blood sample correctly taken and stored?

Do not hesitate to schedule a free consultation with a skilled Orange County DUI/DWI attorney. The sooner we accept your case, the sooner we can begin defending your rights.

The Real Cost Of A DUI Conviction

A DUI conviction can cost you your license, time in jail, fines and fees to the court, probation, increased driving insurance premiums, the embarrassment and stigma of a criminal record and a significant restraint on your driving liberty going forward. Mr. Bruno will stop at nothing to avoid these real costs.

With this much at stake, a free consultation with Mr. Bruno is the easiest and most cost-effective decision one can make.

DUI cases, especially, require the experience and skill of a knowledgeable criminal and DUI defense attorney who has successfully represented clients faced with misdemeanor and felony DUI charges. Mr. Bruno will counsel you on your options and vigorously defend you against the government.

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If you have concerns regarding DUI defense, contact BRUNO│NALU at 949-988-0932, or simply complete our online communication form. We offer a free consultation and we accept all major credit cards for payment of services. We are available 24/7 based on the needs of our clients.