If your son or daughter has been accused of a crime, you must act quickly to ensure his or her rights are not violated. Additionally, a conviction, or adjudication, can result in devastating consequences that might shape your child’s entire life. Look to a skilled Orange County juvenile crimes attorney to protect your child’s future.

At BRUNO│NALU, we understand that a conviction for a juvenile crime is extraordinarily costly both in terms of money and in what it can mean for your child. We are committed to protecting juveniles charged with crimes, and will fight vigorously to defend your child’s future educational or occupational opportunities.

Newport Beach Juvenile Defense Attorney

While juvenile court follows a specific set of rules, regulations, jargon and penalties, it is important to remember that juveniles have many of the same rights as adults. As juveniles, your rights include:

  • The right to remain silent during police questioning.
  • The right to have an attorney accompany you when being questioned.
  • The right to have parent(s) present by your request.
  • The right to privacy of personal possessions.
  • The police are prohibited from entering your room and/or searching closed containers – even with your parents’ consent.

Knowing your rights is not an excuse to be discourteous to any law enforcement officer. A little respect goes a long way. Keep in mind that rights are to be firmly but politely exercised. If you have been charged with a crime as a juvenile, you have the same right to fight the charges as does any adult.

Juvenile crimes are handled in a very specific and specialized manner. Not all California lawyers are comfortable defending clients in this arena. At BRUNO│NALU, we have extensive experience shielding minors from consequences and defending them through all stages of the juvenile court process. While it is true that juvenile court is more concerned with rehabilitation than punishment, your son or daughter still faces dire consequences. Whether your case requires drug crimes defense, sex crimes defense or theft defense, Keith J. Bruno should be your first call.

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