If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, you are probably wondering whether or not you should engage an attorney to protect your rights. Even when you believe you have suffered little or no injuries as a result of the accident, it is always wise to consult with an attorney. Below we will discuss several questions you may have about hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer.


Won’t my insurance company protect my rights?

Many people believe they have no reason to contact an attorney when they are covered by motorcycle insurance or the person who injured them is covered by automobile insurance. However, insurance companies, while obligated by the terms of the policies they sell to pay valid claims, are also in the business of making money. So, the insurer will do everything it can to pay as little as it can. If you have a reputable attorney represent you, the attorney’s legal obligation is to advocate for you, and the attorney will work to get you the highest possible payment from your insurer.


Do I have any need for a lawyer if I was not injured or the collision was not significant?

Often times, persons involved in motorcycle accidents believe they do not need to consult an attorney because they are either not injured or only suffered what they believe are minor injuries. However, according the Journal of the American Medical Association, serious injuries can occur in accidents at speeds of less than ten miles per hour. Additionally, individuals seemingly suffering minimal or no injury may have more serious injuries surface later or show an inability to heal injuries that originally appeared minor. It is important that you utilize the services of a lawyer to protect your interests until you are certain any injuries you may have sustained will be compensated for by the liable party or their insurer.


What if I cannot afford an attorney?

If you are not engaging an attorney to protect your rights only because you believe you cannot afford one, there is good news for you. Many attorneys who work with individuals injured in motorcycle accidents are willing to provide a free consultation to potential clients. Additionally, after evaluating your case, many attorneys will work on a contingency fee basis. A contingency fee means the attorney will not require payment upfront, but instead will take payment from a percentage of your eventual payout.

  • The arrangement is helpful because it allows the injured party to forego covering legal expenses out of pocket.
  • If the attorney is unable to reach a settlement, the client is not obligated to make payment to the attorney.
  • While the percentage of any eventual settlement that goes to the attorney may seem high, typically the client will receive more than if they handle the case on their own.


While a motorcycle injury can be quite stressful for everyone involved, you can reduce your stress by hiring a reputable personal injury attorney to protect your rights. Though the process may seem daunting, an experienced attorney such as the Motorcycle accident lawyer Las Vegas, NV locals trust can make sure you receive the highest compensation available for your injuries. In the process, they can eliminate the stress and frustration associated with dealing with the insurance company and the liable party yourself.

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