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Slip and Fall Back Injuries: What you should know

Back injuries often result from slip and fall accidents. If these injuries are severe enough, they can be debilitating. If you suffered a back injury from a slip and fall accident, you should make an appointment to see a chiropractor Gaithersburg MD trusts as soon as possible. Also, if you believe you have a personal injury claim, […]


Free Speech and Controversial Trademarks

Recently the Supreme Court decided that due to the Free Speech protection of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution that even trademarks that are lewd, profane, or racial slurs are protected. This reverses decisions of lower courts that had upheld the 2014 finding of the USPTO, The United States Patent and Trademark Office Lanham […]

Fleeing the Scene of an Accident

It is only natural to be scared after an accident. Car accidents can create huge financial and emotional burdens on people’s lives, and are usually caused by the smallest mistakes. After the accident, just about everyone will at least consider just running. Especially if the damage seems minor, it simply seems easier to just run […]

Motorcycle Helmet Laws

Motorcycle Helmet Laws

When it comes to helmet requirements while on a motorcycle, whether you are the operator or the passenger, the laws vary from state to state. Only two states do not have a law that requires one to wear a helmet while on a motorcycle. These two states are Illinois and Iowa. Safety Factors Helmets can […]

Dog Bite Cases

When someone is attacked by a dog it can leave an everlasting psychological mark on a person. Navigating the legalities and what rights you have can be exhausting and downright tumultuous. As there are no national laws for dog bites, finding a dog bite lawyer Arlington TX trusts who knows about dog bite cases can […]

Your Legal Options if Your Motorcycle Personal Injury Claim Was Denied

If you’re the victim of a motorcycle accident where someone else was to blame, there’s a good chance that your claim will be accepted by your insurance company. However, even if you weren’t to blame and even if you did everything you were supposed to do right after the accident, it’s possible that your claim […]

Five Signs You Need A New Personal Injury Lawyer

Choosing the wrong personal injury lawyer could have severe consequences for individuals seeking recovery and a return to normalcy after a traumatic accident. An experienced personal injury attorney may be able to win you compensation for your injuries caused by a negligent party. If you already have a personal injury lawyer, here are five good […]

What is Med Pay?

In the past few years, Medical Payments coverage has becoming an increasingly popular option for car insurance plans. Medical Payments, or Med Pay, offers a lot of benefits in the event of a car accident to you and any passengers in your vehicle. What Does it Do? Med Pay can be described as a catch-all […]