Choosing the wrong personal injury lawyer could have severe consequences for individuals seeking recovery and a return to normalcy after a traumatic accident. An experienced personal injury attorney may be able to win you compensation for your injuries caused by a negligent party. If you already have a personal injury lawyer, here are five good indicators that you may need to hire a new one:

1. There Is a Lack of Communication Between Attorney and Client

This problem is a common reason for why personal injury claimants seek new counsel. Personal injury lawyers with communication issues might consistently do any or all of the following:

  • Not return a client’s phone calls or email inquiries.
  • Display reluctance to meet clients face to face.
  • Disagree over philosophy and strategy. For example, they may adamantly refuse to accept a settlement offer or take the case to trial without communicating their reasons.

Clients are asked to remember that a personal injury lawyer works for you and a client pays for the services provided.

2. Client Questions His or Her Lawyer’s Competence

It is recommended that clients conduct thorough searches aimed at discovering a personal injury attorney’s level of experience, particularly in handling cases involving their specific injury. In addition, consider how successful they have been in winning similar cases. However, it is also critical for a client to play a proactive role in their case. You may find your attorney is not competent if:

  • He or she struggles to answer your questions about the case.
  • Does not inspire your confidence.
  • Withholds pertinent information from you about the case.

3. Lawyer Has a Poor Track Record

Before entering into an agreement, it is suggested that clients conduct extensive research about his or her attorney’s employment history. Red flags which might indicate a lawyer has a negative history include:

  • Multiple sub-par reviews from past clients.
  • Poor win/loss record, or failure to consistently obtain sizeable settlements for their clients.
  • Has been subject to disciplinary action for employing illegal or unethical tactics.

Much of the preceding information can be found by visiting the State Bar under which the attorney practices law.

4. Attorney Displays a Bad Attitude Towards Clients

A reputable personal injury lawyer should, at the very least, express empathy, if not sympathy for his or her client’s circumstances. When you have suffered through a traumatic injury that dramatically impacted your health, income, and overall well-being, your advocate should be patient, cooperative, and encouraging. Those who display arrogance and/or indifference toward you under the circumstances might not hold either your plight, or the desire to win your case, in high regard.

5. Attorney Does Not Offer a Unique Approach To a Client’s Case

Every personal injury case is different and brings unique challenges. Respectable personal injury lawyers will take the time to familiarize him or herself with the intricate facts of a client’s case. They will not formulate strategy until these facts are gathered and understood. Firms or lawyers who apply the same indistinguishable approach to all cases might not have a client’s best interests at heart. This might be an issue if:

  • The firm or lawyer guarantees great results.
  • Attorney or firm advertises their services in every print or media outlet available.
  • Firm or attorney guarantees a client’s case can be resolved within a short period of time.

If you are dissatisfied with your current personal injury attorney, talk to them about your concerns. If you are still unable to resolve the issues, consider discussing your personal injury case with a new attorney who can provide guidance on how to best move forward.

Thanks to our Washington DC personal injury lawyer friends and contributors from Cohen & Cohen, PC for their insight into probate law.