It is only natural to be scared after an accident. Car accidents can create huge financial and emotional burdens on people’s lives, and are usually caused by the smallest mistakes. After the accident, just about everyone will at least consider just running. Especially if the damage seems minor, it simply seems easier to just run away from the problem then deal with it. We cannot emphasize enough how bad of an idea this is however. Hit and run is a serious crime that can lead to severe punishments and criminal charges.

Sometimes though, we don’t make the best decisions. Maybe you didn’t understand the legal repercussions of leaving the scene of the accident at the time. Either way, if you have been in an accident and did not remain at the scene to exchange information with the other driver and see if they are okay, you need to speak with an attorney immediately.

Intersections with security cameras are becoming more and more common every year, and you simply have no way to know if your license plate was photographed or written down. It is very possible that the police are looking for you right now, and you need to understand your rights in the detail that only a skilled and experienced attorney in your area can provide.

Do not speak with your insurance company or the police before you have spoken to your attorney. Calling your insurance company to report the accident can result in you accidentally admitting to being at fault. Once you have given this admission, you are confessing to a serious crime and may face the full penalties. You need to let your attorney speak with your insurance company to discuss repairs to your vehicle. When your attorney speaks with the insurance company, nothing they say will be a direct admission from you. Anything you tell your attorney is also confidential, so you need to be honest with them about what happened.

There is no reason to delay on contacting a Decatur criminal lawyer. Trying to navigate the fallout of a hit and run accident can be dangerous alone, and can lead to a lasting impact on your criminal record. The sooner you have your attorney on the case, the less headache for you and the less danger you are in. Your attorney will be able to lay out a clear path for you, and their expertise can save you from serious fines or worse.

Andrew R. Lynch, P.C.Thanks to our friends and contributors from Andrew R. Lynch, P.C. for their insight into fleeing the scene of an accident.