In the past few years, Medical Payments coverage has becoming an increasingly popular option for car insurance plans. Medical Payments, or Med Pay, offers a lot of benefits in the event of a car accident to you and any passengers in your vehicle.

What Does it Do?

Med Pay can be described as a catch-all for car insurance. It covers you and anybody else in your vehicle in case of an accident. The coverage does not change based on who caused the accident. This means that if you accidentally swerve into an oncoming lane and your passenger is injured, you have insurance to cover their resulting medical costs for injuries.

In practical terms, this means that Med Pay will pay medical bills for anyone injured in your vehicle during an accident, up to a certain limit. In addition, this type of medical coverage follows you and your car. In other words, you will have medical insurance coverage if you’re in an accident in your friend’s car, or if somebody else is driving your car.

How is it Different from Other Types of Insurance?

On the surface, Med Pay can seem a lot like liability coverage. There are some key differences between the two, however. Where liability coverage applies to the total coverage for an accident, Med Pay applies to each injured individual.

If your best friend gets injured in an accident in your car and both of you have $6,000 in medical bills, but your Med Pay coverage is only $10,000, you’re covered. Because you can use $10,000 per injured person, in this scenario, your individual medical costs will be paid for through your Med Pay insurance.

When Does Med Pay Kick In?

After you are in an accident, Med Pay starts paying your hospital bills even before you pay your health insurance deductible or co-pay. If you want immediate, comprehensive coverage when you’re injured, Med Pay is a good choice. Many people opt for Med Pay insurance in addition to other types of coverage such as health insurance through their employer, life insurance, and vehicle insurance. Deciding on the amount of insurance to purchase, and which types of insurance policies to have in place is an individual’s choice. Very often it comes down to each person’s unique situation and needs.z

The Benefits of Med Pay

Med Pay offers numerous benefits to injured parties in car accidents, and the fact that it follows you is another advantage. Insurance coverage is a necessity in today’s world. If you are involved in a collision that results in serious injuries to you and/or your passengers, you may be at risk for significant medical and treatment costs out of pocket if you are not sufficiently insured.

Thanks to our Phoenix AZ personal injury lawyer friends and contributors from Lorona Mead for their insight into Med Pay!